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About dialysis


About dialysis
About dialysis

There are two different modalities of dialysis, that is, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Our clinic predominantly provides hemodialysis treatments.
Hemodialysis removes uremic toxins and extra body fluids accumulated in the body due to kidney dysfunction through extracoporeal circulation techniques. It saves the life and maintains the quality of life in patients with end-stage renal disease.

There is an increasing trend in the prevalence of long-term hemodialysis patients, and in fact some of our patients have undergone dialysis for more than 30 years. Therefore, one of our important goals is to prevent the development and retard the progression of long-term dialysis-related complications by a multidisciplinary approach. Ultrapure dialysis fluid is used for all dialysis machines. Ultrapure dialysis fluid is used for all dialysis machines.

We also encourage excersise during hemodialysis using motor-operated cycling machines and extension tubes. This exercise not only helps patient rehabilitation but also enhances dialysis efficacy.

Online hemodiafiltration (HDF)
Large volumes of filtration and replacement are achieved by infusing ultrapure dialysis fluid directly into the effelent line of the circuit. HDF is getting popular in Japan and provides better removal of large molecular uremic toxins than conventional hemodialysis. β2-microglobulin clearance is considered even comparable between online HDF and living kidneys.
Although online HDF is originally indicated for dialysis-related amyloidosis, hemodialysis intolerance, and treatment-resistant renal anemia and for children in growth and pregnant women, it has become available to all patients in our state-of-the-art dialysis center.

Dialysis rooms

About the dialysis rooms
1st floor
We have three private rooms on the 1st floor. These rooms were originally designed for isolating patients with contageous diseases (e.g., influenza), but limited seats are also available to patients upon request. Patients using the private rooms are generally satisfied as the rooms provide a completely private space. → Patients using these rooms are generally satisfied as the rooms provide a completely private space. Every private room is equipped with an air purifier (Plasmacluster®).
About the dialysis rooms
2nd floor
In order to provide comfortable time during dialysis treatment, the dialysis room is equipped with 3 large-sized built-in air purifiers which absorbs viruses, allergens (i.e., pollen), and odors in the filtered air with high efficiency. We have various DVDs (mainly in Japanese), and patients are also welcome to bring their own.
About the dialysis rooms
3rd floor
As with the 2nd floor, large-sized air purifiers are installed in the dialysis room on the 3rd floor, and patients can receive exercise therapy and watch DVDs during dialysis treatment.
Chaffwall®, which consists entirely of natural materials such as scallop shells and chaff, is used for the walls and ceilings in this room, and these coatings absorb and/or dissolve odors, allergens, and viruses.


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